Satın alma için ipuçları Mobile X-ray

  1. Ruggedness and durability are the two main factors to consider when purchasing a mobile x-ray unit (also known as a portable x-ray).
  2. Mobile radiographic units should be designed to keep an important balance between maneuverability, ease-of-use and performance, together with high quality of x-ray output.
  3. All portable x-ray units should be lightweight and easy to assemble, carry, and transport. X-ray mobile units should be able to produce sufficient x-ray output for simple exams.
  4. Three categories of portable x-ray units are available: self-propelled, manual propulsion, and units for use outside hospitals - where mobility is necessary.
  5. Large batteries are the main power source of the self-propelled x-ray mobile units. Maneuverability is a key factor, without compromising x-ray output. These portable x-ray units, when fully charged, should be able to produce all necessary x-ray exposures without an outside power source.
  6. It is heavier to maneuver the manually propelled x-ray mobile units. These are line-powered and do not rely on batteries as a main power source. They are designed with a focus on a specific patient group.
  7. Manufacturers offer many different features for different models. Some of the options include automatic exposure control, anatomic programming, and input voltage.
  8. Mobile x-ray units that are motor-driven need battery power. For safety, they should have collision brakes, as well as a manual override for driving the unit through swinging doors.
  9. The x-ray exposure on some units is powered directly from the line voltage. On other portable x-ray units, the input line voltage charges a battery or capacitor to power the x-ray exposure.
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