Satın alma için ipuçları Microbiological Culture Analyzer

  1. The specifications for the microbiological culture analyzers come in three categories: required, preferred, and optional. Required specifications present the minimum necessary specification for the blood culture analyzer to perform the desired function. A preferred specification enhances either test operations or ease-of-use, while an optional one does not affect the microbiological culture analyzer's performance, but may provide wider applications of use by offering greater testing options or minimizing user interaction.
  2. Automated bacteriology analyzers have many qualities that make them a better fit than manual analyzers, for laboratories that perform large amounts of tests. Among these are: saving time, increasing productivity, providing more accurate test results, and improving job satisfaction by reducing the number of tedious manual procedures.
  3. Facilities may need to purchase additional mandatory quality control strains, usually from a third party, in order to provide consistent performance of automated microbial detection systems.
  4. Facilities should examine whether the detector could accept future hardware upgrades, and whether the microbiological culture analyzer unit will be able to interface with other laboratory instruments to allow for more parameters.
  5. Preferred microbiological culture analyzer systems are those that can store large numbers of test results.
  6. It is recommended to purchase an automated blood culture analyzer with a data management system. Large memories are required for long-term storage of results and for physician review or entry into a data management system.
  7. Bar code labeling used by some microbiological culture analyzers allows matching patient results to printed results or a laboratory information system interface regardless of the specimen sequence.
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