Medical Equipment Inspection Service

Inspect before you buy - making sure your purchase is 100% guaranteed!

Wherever in the world you are located, MedWOW’s Global Inspection Network is available to protect your high-end device purchase.

Why Use Our Inspection Services?

For your protection, when buying a high-end medical device, it is necessary to have it professionally inspected prior to purchase. International inspection can be an expensive, tedious procedure, so it is only logical to look for someone to provide the service for you.

The MedWOW Global Inspectors Network brings you:

  • Thorough inspection services anywhere in the world
  • Competitive prices
  • Highly trained and certified medical equipment professionals
  • International inspection guidelines for every type of medical equipment
  • Confirmation that the device is officially owned by the seller
  • Certified photographs of the equipment you are interested in

The Service facilitates worry-free trade between buyers and sellers from all over the world, as MedWOW takes care of all the details!

The Inspection Procedure

Inspections can be ordered through MedWOW quickly and efficiently:

  1. Click on Request Inspection on the required item’s page.
  2. Choose either the required inspection forms or opt to submit your own.
  3. Receive a quotation for the inspection.
  4. Pay for the cost of inspection.
  5. The inspector completes the inspection, submits the report(s) and pictures and MedWOW sends them to you directly by email.

The entire process is handled online, with no hassle!

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Join MedWOW's Global Inspectors Network

We are looking for professional, certified inspectors to join our growing network. Below you will be able to find relevant information regarding this process.

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